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Who Is a Candidate?

Let us be one of the first people to say it: we are a fan of implants. We think that dental implants provide our patients with a way to restore the teeth they have lost, and have a healthy, natural-looking smile again. If you are looking to prevent bone loss in your jaws, or to prevent your teeth from shifting due to tooth loss, implants are a great solution. If you are thinking about getting dental implants, you need to know that not everyone can get them. Some people are better candidates for implants than others. Which people make the best candidate for implants? Brush & Floss Dental Center has information about the dental implant procedure, and who would make an excellent candidate for implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are actually artificial teeth, but they behave more like your natural teeth. While we don’t have tooth with roots, we do have a screw that we implant into your jaw, and then place a prosthetic tooth on top of the screw we placed in your jaw. With an implant procedure, we can give you one new tooth, several new teeth, or an entire set of both upper and lower teeth. Also, dental implants can be used for patients who lost their teeth all at once from an accident or an injury, as well as people who lost their teeth gradually due to tooth decay or gum disease.

Are There Different Kinds of Dental Implants?

The short answer to this is yes. There are two types of dental implants. The most common dental implant is the endosteal implant. With endosteal implants, we place a screw in your gum, and implant it down into your jawbone. We then place a prosthetic tooth on top of the screw. Endosteal implants are a great alternative for patients who might get bridges or partial dentures.

The second type of implants are subperiosteal implants, which are placed on top of the jaw. These implants aren’t screwed into the gumline like endosteal implants are, because these patients are lacking enough bone mass to hold the traditional endosteal implants in the jaw.

Am I A Good Candidate?

We use several different factors to determine whether one of our patients is a good candidate for implants. In order to get implants, you must be in good general health. If your overall health is not good, dental procedures become more difficult. In addition to being in good general health, you need to be in good oral health as well. This is very important in regard to implants because if your gums and jawbone aren’t in good shape, it is difficult to have successful implants.

Do you think that you would make a good candidate for implants? We can help you make that decision. Give Brush & Floss Dental Center a call at (203) 683-5253 today and we will schedule you an appointment for an evaluation and consultation.

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