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Dentist Stratford, CT

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“I’ve been a very happy, pleased patient of Brush & Floss Dental for 26 years now. I began my experience here with a far-less-than-perfect mouth—a mouth full of cracked, broken, yellow teeth. I went through a full-mouth reconstruction and I have to admit, the whole process was very pleasant.

“The patient care here is second to none. My entire family are patients of this practice, including my son. I wholeheartedly recommend Brush & Floss Dental to anyone looking for a practice with a really hands-on, caring approach. Not only for your usual hygiene and dental business, but also for anyone interested in a full-mouth reconstruction or crowns. I’ve been very happy with the work that was done here.”


“I’ve been a patient of Brush & Floss Dental for about 5 years. I had a sleep study done and it showed that I had severe sleep apnea. I was unable to tolerate the CPAP machine, so Dr. Kwolek recommended the oral device that I’ve been using. I started using the oral device and it corrected my sleep apnea. It’s helped me tremendously.

“Dr. Kwolek has been amazing. She’s been with me the whole way and has been adjusting my oral appliance when I would need to. Dr. Kwolek has always been helpful, very informative, and has been very patient with me. I feel 100% better and I just can’t speak enough about this center.”


“I had quite a few missing top teeth and wanted to get some replacement crowns. A previous dentist told me that I could use orthodontics to make room for the crowns. That dentist never told me about the risk of me losing my teeth. Once I had the braces on, I noticed that my teeth were getting really loose. I was so uncomfortable with what was happening in my mouth, something was telling me I just wasn’t headed in the right direction. It was horribly embarrassing to open my mouth. I felt like I was in rough shape and I just didn’t know what to expect.

“When I came to Brush & Floss Dental Center, I had a consultation with Dr. Hoos. He came into the room and was very caring, charismatic and knowledgeable. He was upfront and said that I was going to lose all of my teeth on the top, and if he were to take my braces off right then, my top teeth would have come out. It was a relief to hear that with no sugarcoating. Dr. Hoos said there was plenty we could do to make sure I had teeth that looked natural and functioned as well.

“Dr. Hoos removed all of my teeth. The whole process was actually painless and I was really surprised. I had some nitrous oxide during the procedure, which relaxed me. Dr. Hoos was always very gentle and caring through everything.

“It was a big deal losing all my top teeth, and I actually cried through the whole thing. But Dr. Hoos was there holding my hand, letting me know everything was going to be okay and that it was okay to cry. When it was over, he brought my daughter in and I had a denture right away so I never went without any teeth. It was really something to open my eyes and have a whole set of new teeth.”


“Growing up, we didn’t have any anesthetic injections, we just went to the dentist and they took care of you—drilled your teeth, filled your teeth and you went home, which meant pain! Here, when I have work done, Dr. Hoos gives you an injection and I’ve never felt any pain at all! I never felt any pain, even when I have my teeth cleaned.

“I really wanted a dentist that I could judge based on the quality of the work he did. Fortunately for me, I haven’t had that much trouble with my teeth while with Dr. Hoos. One thing that I like is that Dr. Hoos does all the work here in this building. Everything is explained to you before he does the work, including the cost and what he’s going to do. And the biggest thing is that I’ve never had one bit of pain. I know that Dr. Hoos attends many clinics and conferences across the country and keeps up with the greatest, best and latest technology, which I think is a great thing to be doing. The staff is remarkable and extremely friendly. I have my own dental hygienist here, which I like a lot. So I’m very pleased with what I’ve had done with Dr. Hoos for 28 years.”


“I had a chipped tooth in the front of my mouth. After some visits, X-rays, thorough examinations and his measurements, Dr. Hoos made it look like I never had a chipped tooth. Dr. Hoos gave me my smile back.

“I’ve been a patient at Brush & Floss Dental for over 33 years and I’ve had a great experience here. It’s a very professional organization and the service is outstanding. Dr. Hoos and his staff explain everything in full detail and give you a lot of different options before you make a final decision.”

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